Get ales to be re-evaluated as acceptable for summer consumption.


Craft ales are on trend. They are not just for drinking in winter.


Encourage consumers to chill their ale using a ‘Chill to Reveal’ prize mechanic.


New points of distribution.

Cross portfolio shopper marketing campaign to get consumers to re-think ale consumption and to accept it as suitable to chill for summer enjoyment.

Consumer Promotion

In-store visibility campaign to get participating brands to be re-evaluated. A ‘thermo-chromic’ neck label reveals a contest code when the bottles are chilled to less than 5 degrees. Consumers enter the code into the contest microsite to see if they have won prizes.
On-trade sell-in kit to encourage the managed trade, tenanted landlords and independent pubs to stock the ‘summer ales’ and to keep them on bar.
A tool-kit including a product sample, an education leaflet, hop jar and calendar detailing relevant summer events, enclosed in a briefcase