Regain On-Trade leadership within 3 years by increasing rate-of-sale


Consumers are driven to live their lives and be unrestrained.


Provides the retailer with an activation kit and incentives to sell Glenfiddich



Glenfiddich has fallen to number 3 in the single malt whisky category.

TPN was challenged to help Glenfiddich regain on-trade leadership within 3 years by increasing rate-of-sale.


“Your Dram. Your Way.”, promotion was created and aimed to re-engage consumers with the Glenfiddich brand, which celebrates the essence of Maverick and drives rate of sale through a ‘purchase to win’ promotion activated in the on-trade (mainstream pubs, circuit bars).\

To play and enter to win a tailor-made trip to NYC, you must first buy a dram of Glenfiddich 12 year old scotch, scratch your game card to reveal your unique code, and then enter that code online.