Get existing TESCO consumers to put more BTS items in their basket before the start of the new school term to stop the BTS leak.


The BTS list is long and varied, and as a result 60% of Tesco consumers don’t believe that they can get all of their needs at Tesco alone.


Deliver a cut-through connected shopper experience that gets TESCO reappraisal as the most helpful BTS retailer.


A highly visible omnichannel campaign led consumers to experience TESCO BTS in-store, online &
on the go.

From understanding the current shopper behaviour and attitude towards shopping for BTS at Tesco, we needed a galvanising idea that would help gain brand reappraisal.

“Go Back to School all in one go!” become that mobilising activation platform from which to reimagine the entire in-store experience, presenting the shopper with a visual proposition that encouraged them to think differently about BTS at Tesco. A more contemporary campaign feel combined with a more teen relevant expression of BTS in contrast to past campaigns, elevates new interest and excitement about BTS. A newly defined shopping experience in the power aisle as the fleximat areas in-store gives shoppers more reasons to explore BTS at Tesco.